Helping Companies Prosper From Science

TA Scientific was founded after being approached by several leading grain and food companies looking for guidance for specific issues in their processes. Our goal at TA Scientific, Inc. is to help companies utilize science to protect their business and gain efficiencies. We are the sole distributor of the Cgrain Value instrumentation for North America.


Cgrain Value has a wide array of applications; it is useful for all business handling grain, including: mills, malt houses, grain traders, grain laboratories, gluten-free oat producers, seed breeders, and research and development.


Cgrain Value can determine a number of quality parameters simultaneously, for example:

-Foreign grain

-Foreign seeds

-Foreign material


-Damaged, broken, skinned kernels, etc.

-Screening (size distribution)

-TGW (thousand grain weight)


Quality analysis of barley, wheat, rye, oats, and dehulled oats. In: Grain receiving, Cleaning, Screening, Price/value calculation*

Features and Benefits

-Easy to use

-Rapidly inspects whole grain

-Completely objective analysis with good


-Replaces repetitive and monotonous

manual labor

-Real improvement of the work environment

-Robust design for use in dusty


-Can replace several different steps in

determining quality

-Network connected for support and


Using Innovative AI Technology

Save Time and Money